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Equipment - unit design

Top 5000 L Fermentor


 The Fermentation Division has two integrated sections: Upstream and Downstream, both working according to GPM EUDraLex (vol.4 EU guidelines to Good Manufacturing Practice) from 2006. All production of API is under GMP regulations.

Bottom 5000 L Fermentor


 Our Upstream section has been designed for the production of biocatalysts based on fermentation.

Bild 600L Fermentor
Pilot fermentor 600 L

 Total volumetric capacity is 27m3 , controlled by specially customized programs, which allow high flexibility in the performance of the process. All depending on the product specifications.

Fermentation units:

Bench scale:       We are capable of running fermentations under aerobic or anaerobic   
                         conditions and alternative process conditions
                         BR07 (7L max capacity)

Pilot scale:          Possible to run under different process conditions 
                         BR12   (13L max capacity)
                         BR600 (500L max capacity)
Production scale: Possible to run under different process conditions
                         F15     (1.5m3 max capacity)
                         F45     (4.5 m3 max capacity)
                         F50     (5.0 m3 max capacity)
                         F160   (14 m3 max capacity) 

The recovery of products from the upstream section is taken care of in our downstream facilities, in order to isolate, purify and polish the target biocatalyst/molecules, meeting the quality requirements of the customer. Downstream processing usually demands the application of the following steps: starvation, purification and polishing of the product. Protista offers different alternatives and process development for the purification of biocatalysts and fine chemicals depending on the scale of production.

Downstream units:

Pilot scale:          Westfalia separator (300L/h), sterile
                         Spray dryer (8-10 Kg/h) 
                         Ion exchange chromatography system (75L capacity)
                         Freeze Drier

Production scale: Alfa-Laval separator (2500L/h).
                         Vacuum drier, 6 m3
                         Evaporation, 13 m3/h under vacuum
                         Ion exchange chromatography system (15m3)
                         Spray-drier 600 l water per hour

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