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Tissue engineering

Protista Tissue Engineering Scaffold Service

-3D open structure
-mechanically stable and elastic

Cryogel scaffolds are produced in a wide range of materials (e.g. gelatin, dextran, chitosan, gelatin/chitosan, alginate, agarose) as a service for tissue engineering laboratories. In order to achieve biomolecular recognition of the scaffolds by cells they are subjected to modification with appropriate extracellular matrix proteins. Cryogel scaffolds are prepared in the format specified by the customer. The goal is to be a supplier of scaffolds when the applications reach clinical use.


MB Dainiak, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2007) Macroporous hydrogels, cryogels. Novel biomaterials for tissue engineering. BIOforum Europe, 12, 28-29.

A Tripathy, N Kathuria, A Kumar (2008) Elastic and macroporous agarose-gelatin cryogels with isotropic and anisotropic porosity for tissue engineering. J. Biomed. Mater. Res. A, in press

Coming soon
Cryogel dermal regeneration template for wound and burns healing (for details please see Scientific Projects)

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