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Cell Cultivation

Cryogel (TM) 3D CellGrow96
Cryogel(TM) 3D CellGrow48

Three dimensional scaffolds in 96 well and 48 well plates. Scaffolds are synthesized from pHEMA and functionalized with collagen. Alternatively, scaffolds are synthesized from gelatin (source: cold water fish skin) or dextran upon request.

-3D cell culture
-excellent platform for cell-based assays


MB Dainiak, IN Savina, I Musolino, A Kumar, IY Galaev, B Mattiasson (2008) Biomimetic macroporous hydrogel scaffolds in a high throughput screening format for cell-based assays. Biotechnol. Progr. (in press).

FM Plieva, A Oknianska, E Degerman, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2006) Supermacroporous dextran gels. J. Biomater. Sci. Polym. Edn., 17, 1075-1092.

Cryogel (TM) Bioreact
for production of therapeutic proteins

Polyacrylamide cryogel monoliths (5 mL bed volume) functionalised with gelatin from cold water fish skin packed in 5 mL disposable syringes. Cryogel (TM) Bioreact cryogels of larger volumes can be synthesized upon request.

-easy attachment and favourable environment for mammalian cells
-low back pressure
-easily scaled-up
-high productivity


S Nilsang, KS Nandakumar, IYu Galaev, SK Rakshit, R Holmdahl, B Mattiasson, A Kumar (2007) Monoclonal antibody production using a new supermacroporous cryogel bioreactor. Biotechnol. Progr., 23, 932-939.

A Kumar, V Bansal, KS Nandakumar, IYu Galaev, PK Roachoudhry, R Holmdahl, B Mattiasson (2006) Integrated bioprocess for the production and isolation of urokinase from animal cell culture using supermacroporous cryogel matrices. Biotechnol. Bioeng., 93, 636-646.

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