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Protista International AB takes part in the following scientific projects:

Greenchem is a research program at Lund University aimed at using modern biotechnology for production of biodegradable chemicals from renewable resources. For further information how industries and the academia at Lund University can work together, please consult the following web-page

MATISS. In this FP 6 European project natural and natural/synthetic polymer hydrogels produced by cryopolymerisation will be used to design new materials for tissue regeneration. The existing know how in polymer chemistry, synthesis of activated carbons, protein biochemistry, cell biology and manufacturing of biomaterials owned by the academic and industrial partners involved in this project, will be combined in order to develop and manufacture novel materials for efficient treatment of serious wounds and with a potential for wider use in tissue scaffolding and regenerative medicine.

MONACO. The FP 7 European project is aimed at manufacturing novel materials for extracorporeal blood purification. In this project natural or synthetic polymer hydrogels produced by cryopolymerization will be used to create new macroporous adsorbents permeable for blood cells and proteins. By means of incorporation of small carbon or polymeric particles with high adsorption capacity into the cryogel matrices, the composite blood-compatible materials targeted against the above toxins or cells will be developed and tested for blood purification.

VINNOVA. Vinnova is a government body that will help boost growth and welfare in the country by financing needs-driven research.

Protista, Cambrex Karlskoga AB, GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB, Perstorp Speciality Chemicals, R&D, SIK and Lund University has got MSEK 15,5 to develope new process technology for immobilized bio catalysts. 2008-06-13.



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