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Selected publications

Cell separation
P Arvidsson, FM Plieva, IN Savina, VI Lozinsky, S Fexby, L Bülow, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2002) Chromatography of microbial cells using continuous supermacroporous affinity and ion-exchange columns. J. Chromatogr. A, 977, 27-38.
A Kumar, FM Plieva, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2003) Affinity fractionation of lymphocytes using supermacroporous monolithic cryogel. J. Immunol. Methods 283, 185-194.
MB Dainiak, FM Plieva, IYu Galaev, R Hatti-Kaul, B Mattiasson (2005) Cell chromatography. Separation of different microbial cells using IMAC supermacroporous monolithic columns. Biotechnol. Progr. 21, 644-649.
MB Dainiak, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2006) Affinity cryogel monoliths for screening for optimal separation conditions and chromatographic separation of cells. J. Chromatogr. A 1123, 145-150.
MB Dainiak, A Kumar, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2006) Detachment of affinity-captured bioparticles by elastic deformation of a macroporous hydrogel. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 103, 849-854.

Cell scaffolds and bioreactors
A Kumar, V Bansal, KS Nandakumar, IYu Galaev, PK Roachoudhry, R Holmdahl, B Mattiasson (2006) Integrated bioprocess for the production and isolation of urokinase from animal cell culture using supermacroporous cryogel matrices. Biotechnol. Bioeng., 93, 636-646.
S Nilsang, KS Nandakumar, IYu Galaev, SK Rakshit, R Holmdahl, B Mattiasson, A Kumar (2007) Monoclonal antibody production using a new supermacroporous cryogel bioreactor. Biotechnol. Progr., 23, 932-939.
FM Plieva, A Oknianska, E Degerman, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2006) Supermacroporous dextran gels. J. Biomater. Sci. Polym. Edn., 17, 1075-1092.
MB Dainiak, IN Savina, I Musolino, A Kumar, IY Galaev, B Mattiasson (2008) Biomimetic macroporous hydrogel scaffolds in a high throughput screening format for cell-based assays. Biotechnol. Progr. (in press).
IN Savina, MB Dainiak, H Jungvid, S Mikhalovsky, IYu Galaev (2008) Biomimetic macroporous hydrogels: protein ligand distribution and cell response to the architecture of the ligand in the scaffold (submitted).
MB Dainiak, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2007) Macroporous hydrogels, cryogels. Novel biomaterials for tissue engineering. BIOforum Europe, 12, 28-29.
N Bölgen, FM Plieva, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson, E Piskin (2007) Cryogelation for preparation of novel biodegradable tissue-engineering scaffolds. J.Biomater. Sci. Polymer Edn., 8, 1165-1179

Screening in microtiter plate format
IYu Galaev, MB Dainiak, FM Plieva, R Hatti-Kaul, B Mattiasson (2005) High throughput processing of particulate-containing samples using supermacroporous elastic monoliths in microtiter (multiwell) plate format. J. Chromatogr. A, 1065, 169-175.
A Hanora, F Bernaudat, FM Plieva, MB Dainiak, L Bulow, I Yu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2005) Screening of peptide affinity chromatography in 96-well plate format. J. Chromatogr. A, 1087, 38-44.
MB Dainiak, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2007) Macroporous monolithic hydorgels in a 96-minicolumn plate format for cell surface-analysis and integrated binding/quantification of cells. Enzyme Microb. Technol., 40, 688-695.

Processing the particulate feeds
MB Dainiak, A Kumar, FM Plieva, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2004) Integrated isolation of antibody fragments from microbial cell culture fluids using supermacroporous cryogels. J. Chromatogr. A, 1045, 93-98.
A Hanora, IN Savina, FM Plieva, VI Izumrudov, B Mattiasson, IYu Galaev (2006) Direct capture of plasmid DNA from non-clarified bacterial lysate using polycation-grafted monoliths. J. Biotechnol.,123, 343-355.
M Le Noir, FM Plieva, T Hey, B Guieysse, B Mattiasson (2007) Macroporous molecularly imprinted polymer/cryogel composite systems for the removal of endocrine disrupting trace contaminants. J. Chromatogr. A, 1154, 158-164.
S Deraz, FM Plieva, IYu Galaev, E Nordberg Karlsson, B Mattiasson (2007) Capture of bacteriocins directly from non-clarified fermentation broth using macroporous monolithic cryogels with phenyl ligands. Enyme. Microb. Technol ., 40, 786-793.
W Noppe, FM Plieva, K Vanhoorelbeke, H Deckmyn, M Tuncel, A Tuncel, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2007) Macroporous gels, cryogels, with immobilized phages from phage-display library as a new platform for fast development of affinity adsorbent capable of target capture from crude feeds. J. Biotechnol., 131, 293-299.
R Selling, T Håkansson, L Björnsson (2008) Two-stage anaerobic digestion enables heavy metal removal. Wat.Sci. Technol., 57, 553-558.

Cell and enzyme immobilization
R Martins, FM Plieva, A Santos, R Hatti-Kaul (2003) Integrated immobilized cell reactor-adsorption system for β-cyclodextrin production: a model study using PVA-cryogel entrapped Bacillus agaradhaerens cells. Biotechnol. Lett., 25, 1537-1543.
M Hedström, FM Plieva, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2008) Monolithic macroporous albumin/chitosan cryogel structure: a new matrix for enzyme immobilization. Anal. Bioanal. Chem. DOI 10.1007/s00216-007-1745-6
S Das-Bradoo, I Svensson, J Santos, FM Plieva, R Hatti-Kaul (2004) Synthesis of alkylgalactosides using whole cells of Bacillus pseudofirmus species as catalysts. J. Biotechnol., 110, 273-285
FM Plieva, A Oknianska, E Degerman, B Mattiasson (2008) Macroporous gel particles as robust macroporous matrices for cell immobilization. Biotechnol. J., 3, 410-417

Production and characterization of cryogels
FM Plieva, J Andersson, IYu Galaev B Mattiasson (2004) Characterization of polyacrylamide based monolithic columns. J. Sep. Sci. 27, 828-836.
P Persson, O Baybak, F Plieva, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson, B Nilsson, A Axelsson (2004) Characterization of a continuous supermacroporous monolithic matrix for chromatographic separation of large bioparticles. Biotechnol. Bioeng. 88, 224-236.
IN Savina, B Mattiasson, IYu Galaev (2006) Graft polymerization of vinyl monomers inside macroporous polyacrylamide gel, cryogel, in aqueous and aqueous-organic media initiated by diperiodatocuprate(III) complexes. J. Polymer Sci.: Part A: Polymer Chem. 44, 1952-1963.
IN Savina, V Chudde, S D’Hollander, Lv Hoorebeke, B Mattiasson, IYu Galaev, F Du Prez (2007) Cryogels from poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate): macroporoous, interconnected materials with potential as cell scaffolds. Soft Matter, 3, 1176-1184.
FM Plieva, B Mattiasson (2008) Macroporous gel particles as novel sorption medium: rational design. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 47, 4131-4141.
FM Plieva, E De Seta, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2008) Macroporous elastic polyacrylamide monolith columns: processing under comression and scale-up. Sep Pur Technol. (Available online March 27 2008))
FM Plieva, P Ekstrom, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2008) Elastic monolithic gels with open porous structure and unique double continuous macroporous networks. Soft Matter (DOI: 10.1039/b804105a)

VI Lozinsky, FM Plieva, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2002) The potential of polymeric cryogels in bioseparation. Bioseparation 10, 163-188.
VI Lozinsky, IYu Galaev, FM Plieva, IN Savina, H Jungvid, B Mattiasson (2003) Polymeric cryogels as promising materials of biotechnological interest. Trends Biotechnol. 21, 445-451.
FM Plieva, IYu Galaev, B Mattiasson (2007) Macroporous gels prepared at subzero temperatures as novel materials for chromatography of particulate containing fluids and cell culture applications. J.Sep.Sci 30, 1657-167.
MB Dainiak, IYu Galaev, A Kumar, FM Plieva, B Mattiasson (2007) Chromatography of living cells using supermacroporous hydrogels, cryogels. Adv.Biochem. Engin./Biotechnol. 106, 101-127.
FM Plieva, IYu Galaev, W Noppe, B Mattiasson (2008) Application of cryogels in microbiology. Trends Microb. (in press)

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Cell separation
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