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API and Fine Chemicals

Today biocatalysts (enzymes) are only used to a minor extent when looking at alternative processing technologies for production of "green" chemicals based on renewable raw materials. However, Protista believes that cooperative efforts by excellent academic competence in the biotechnology area in combination with related industrial competence is of great importance to the future of both the pharmaceutical and the chemical industry.

One example of what can be done to change the situation is presented by Greenchem, an industrial and academic network research platform financed by Mistra, Centre for Urban Futures.

Protista is highly interested in development and production of exclusive intermediates and fine chemicals, based on fermentation and biocatalytic processing.

Of particular interest to Protista is a bioengineered synthesis scheme for the production of pharmaceutical ingredients, especially metabolic intermediates e.g. aromatic amino acids.

Protista is able to offer a strong project management and a rapid development of the required product or substance. This is made possible by Protista’s multi-purpose reactors. Total volume is 27 cubic meters. The processing facility is located in Bjuv, close to "Medicon Valley", in the south western part of Sweden.


This laboratory fermentor (7 Litre) is a very useful tool when
new products are being developed.





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