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Organisation & Management

Board of directors

Hans Jungvid – M.D. and Chairman of the board. Founder of Protista.


Former positions;

R&D, G-I tract physiology at Astra Nutrition AB, Moelndal Sweden, 1972-77.

Consultant, Life Science Project Development at Swedish Investment Bank, Stockholm Sweden, 1977-1981 

Manager R&D (physiology) at Swedish Farmers Association SLR, Stockholm Sweden, 1982-1987.

Managing Director, Gramineer Int AB, Lund Sweden 1992-2000.

Managing Director, Protista Group Companies, Sweden, 2001 -  


Sven-Erik Nilsson - Director and Board Member, Migrata UK Ltd.


Jan Lilja - Director and Board Member, Migrata UK Ltd.

Management team (
Head office, Bjuv Sweden)
Hans Jungvid - CEO. M.D. 
Inger Holgersson - CFO,

Bo Sylwan - QA,

Anna Muzyka - QC,
Andreas Monthán - Production Manager 
Maria. Viloria-Cols - Ass.Production Manager, Proj. leader Microbiology 

Seema R. Jain - Laboratory Manager, Microbiology 

Göran Nilsson - Laboratory Manager, Applied Chemistry 

Inger Holgersson - Logistics


Research & Development (Biotechnology Research Lab, Lund Sweden) 


Project management

Alexander Ivanov - R&D Bifunctional Cryogels

Ashok Kumar - R&D Tissue Engineering, Microbial Immobilisation

Fatima Plieva - R&D Bifunctional Cryogels 

Igor Galaev - R&D Polymer Chemistry

Irina Savina - R&D Tissue Engineering, Validation & Quality Assessment

Maria Dainiak - Tissue Engineering, Bifunctional Cryogels


The company was founded in 2001 


 The front of Protista in Bjuv, Sweden




Protista International AB  |  P.O. Box 86  |  SE-267 22 Bjuv, Sweden  |  Phone +46 42 829 10  |  Fax +46 42 833 01  |