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Welcome to Protista

Protista International AB, Protista Biotechnology AB and Protista Food AB are all active in the Life Science sector. Protista is located in the southern part of Sweden in the dynamic Swedish-Danish "bioregion", Medicon Valley.


The Protista Group is a Life Science Organisation providing products and service of the highest quality. The company‚Äôs main emphasis is cutting-edge research, development and commercial production in the area of applied biosciences. Protista also produces gluten-free food and other liquid products. Working with Protista you will find a professional partner who always aims at the highest quality and which puts competence, commitment and experience first.
















Protista International AB  |  P.O. Box 86  |  SE-267 22 Bjuv, Sweden  |  Phone +46 42 829 10  |  Fax +46 42 833 01  |